Handbook on Quality in Learning Mobility

Koostajad:Snežana Baclija Knoch, Susana Lafraya, Valentin Dupouey


Learning mobility in the youth field is gaining both momentum and relevance in Europe, and the number of projects and beneficiaries is increasing every year. For this reason, maintaining the focus on quality is of the utmost importance. This handbook was written with the conviction that there is no intrinsic contradiction between quantity and quality in learning mobility activities. Rather, it is the authors’ belief that they are two sides of the same coin, and that more attention to quality can be conducive to higher numbers of participants and activities, while increasing satisfaction among participants and organisers, as well as educational results.

This handbook is intended to support organisers of learning mobility projects in the youth field. It is the result of a four-year endeavour, consisting of the work and discussions of experts, young people, youth workers, researchers, policy makers and donors. It aims at providing immediate, clear and useful answers to questions on how to organise learning mobility projects with and for young people.

Intended as a set of tools, it is not meant to be read straight through from cover to cover, but to be kept within reach during all phases of a project, from design to evaluation, for quick and easy consultation. We hope you will find it useful, and that you will use it for the ultimate benefit of young people, before, during and after any learning mobility activity.