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Association of Estonian Open Youth Centres (AEYC) is a nationwide umbrella organisation which connects youth centers from whole Estonia.

AEYC was founded on 9th November 2001. By 2018, the association has 90 members, local authorities and NGO-s, with 155 youth centres located all over Estonia.

AEYC aim is to create a network of youth centers in Estonia, support the activities on local level and partnership activities between members on national level. AEYC cooperates with state and local governments, youth organizations in Estonia and abroad, and other institutions involved in youth work.

The association is supporting new youth centres, analysing current situation and needs of youth centres, supporting youth workers, organizing seminars and trainings, introducing new methods in youth work, arranging information exchange between different actors, sharing ideas and inputs for national youth policy.

AEYC develops local and international projects and partnership shaping youth policy at national and local level. AEYC regularly coordinates and contributes to different international strategic partnership projects under Erasmus+ programme.

AEYC is a trustful partner for Estonian State Government taking part in different commissions in ministries, also partner for other umbrella organizations in Estonia.

AEYC has worked as a partner to Estonian National Agency counselling local regional potential applicants in international projects. Since 2015 AEYC is EVS hosting, sending and coordinating organisation.

For young people interested in non-formal education and work with children and youth, we provide opportunities for long-term voluntary service in youth centres in Estonia. You might find motivation to join our youth centres from this video.

Read more about our current volunteering opportunities on the link here



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