Lühiajaline EVT “November of possibilities” Soomes 8.11.-2.12.2017

Kel Euroopa Vabatahtlik Teenistus veel tegemata, saab seda võimalust katsetada lühiajalises EVT grupiprojektis Soomes 8. novembrist- 2. detsembrini 2017. EVT pealkirjaga “November of possibilities” kestab 25 päeva ning Eestist saab osaleda VAID 2 noort vanuses 17-30.

Rohkem infot edastatakse otse huvilistele. Inspiratsiooniks vaata videot eelmise aasta projektist.

Osalemise huvi korral anna endast juba märku:

 +372 5851 9180
“November of possibilities” would bring together 12-16 volunteers the to Marttinen Youth Centre, Virrat, Finland. During the one 25-day long EVS project the volunteers are going to work on increasing the cultural awareness through organising an international activities in the rural area surrounding Marttinen Youth Centre. The volunteers will have an active role in setting up workshops both in the surrounding municipalities youth houses and schools, working together with our regional partners, with the agenda of creating a final “international possibilities day” in Marttinen youth centre in the end of the activity. Therefore we see worthwhile to develop, improve and re-do the activity this year!

The volunteers will create workshops that will inform the local young people about their international possibilities and show a positive example of going abroad i.e for volunteering. The project will offer the volunteers an opportunity to get to know Finnish youth work in rural area, as well as increase their cultural awareness, team work and project management as a result of engaging in creating the activities planned. 

The concrete objectives of the Group EVS project are as follows:

– Volunteers will create non-formal workshops and visits as a team to the regions municipalities, where young people and youth workers can learn about EVS opportunities (Alavus, Ähtäri, Parkano, Ruovesi, Kuortane and Virrat)
– Volunteers will capture / record (video) their own stories of becoming an EVS and their international experiences / how it has affected them.
– Volunteers will create promotional tools to support the engagement of local level actors towards international activities
– Volunteers will create an activity day (open doors) in the end of the project for the region’s young people and people interested about international possibilities.

As a result of the EVS project we foresee that more young people and youth workers will be interested to cooperate (together with Marttinen and its international partners) in international activities, from our region. Also hopefully the project will Increased awareness of international possibilities as an “alternative route” for learning as well as create positive attitudes towards internationality and different cultures in the rural area surrounding Youth Centre Marttinen, where it is much needed!