Partneriks noortevahetusele “Power of Unicorn”

Leedu organisatsioon Felix Unicornis otsib partnereid noortevahetuseks ” Power of Unicorn”.

Projekti detailid:

Eelkohtumise kuupäevad: 2019.04.14 – 2019.04.16 (2 päeva+ 1 reisipäev)
Noortevahetuse kuupäevad: 2019.05.21 – 2019.05.29 (8 päeva+ 2 reisipäeva)
Osalejad: 6 osalejat ja 1 grupijuht –  kokku 35 inimest.
Partnerid: kokku 5 partnerit eri riikidest
Töökeel: inglise keel
Toimumiskoht: Kaunase regioon Leedus

This project aims is to encourage youngsters for personal growth to step out from comfort zone to develop personal skills and competences. Project activities is based on non-formal education methods and Experiential learning (“learning through reflection on doing”). Activies will lead to aims for youngsters to be Unique As personality, be self-confident, creative, free-mind, free as a personality, to strive for individual joyful and motivational livelihood, and other opportunities that is personal and cares for each of participant individually.

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Partnerluse huvi korral saada täidetud partnerlusvorm (PIF) 28. septembriks:
Jolita Lapienyte
Director of “Felix Unicornis”